Everything is considered and treated with design sensitivity – every angle, every joint, every surface, and every finish.

At Urban Habitats, the process of giving physical form to your architectural design gets the same attention to detail as the development of your first concept sketches.

We spend time with you to clearly understand and define the full project scope. From the broad intent of the design, to the finest architectural detail where required; we ensure your expectations are documented and met via the project team and external consultants. We start talking with trades and consultants early, so that there are no surprises for them, for us, or for you. We explore options and costs, and agree on a budget.

On-site, our project manager oversees all works, bringing equal parts of discipline and flexibility to the role. Quality is rigorously maintained. Communication with, and between, collaborators is constant. Most importantly, you will be regularly informed, frequently consulted, and always listened to.

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