Our Team.

Led by Directors Jock Merrigan and Josh Semmler, Urban Habitats are a team that has a passion for architectural design and construction. For more than 20 years we have worked to design and build homes that grow, just as we do.

It is an honour to design and build a client’s dream home and it is a responsibility we never take for granted.

“It is most rewarding seeing the growth of our business and those within it, reflecting on where we have come from and excited about where we are going.”

– Jock Merrigan and Josh Semmler

We believe in great design;

Sometimes because its evocative or inspiring, even an indulgence.

But mostly because when great design is functional, it takes on an elegance, a level of purpose and achievement that is much more important.

We believe in building homes with atmosphere;

When you can be in a room and something almost imperceptible affects you, changing your mood.

It’s a curiosity that great planning can uncover and reveal. And it is most likely to occur when the design process is created in sympathy with the building process. We leave the ‘conflict’ between the design and making it happen, to others.

We are ambitious for great living;

Homes that can reveal a sleek luminosity in some rooms and cosy, intimate snugness in others.

All homes should be liberating, energising but supportive. Your home should be like your signature – unique, expressive and a reflection of you.


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